A Beginners Guide To Smartphone Photography

Some people may say the best camera is the one you have on you, and most of the time, that means your smartphone camera. It is easy to use, portable and has the same image quality a DSLR camera has. Casual photographers and pros alike love smartphone photography. However, not because smartphones are an accessible and easy way to take photographs it means that every picture you take will be amazing. No matter what you take pictures with, it is up to the photographer to make take great photos. Let’s go over our little beginner’s guide to smartphone photography.

Difference Between Smartphones and DSLRs

As smartphone manufacturers make strides in camera quality, the quality gap between smartphones and DSLRs continues to get smaller. However,  even the most sophisticated and advanced smartphones can’t compete with the control and power a DSLR offers.

Features such as detachable lenses, the ability to manually adjust settings to get certain effects, and a higher megapixel resolution are some of the things a smartphone can’t do as well. Additionally, motion blur or shallow depth of field are some things that can keep a DSLR above smartphones.

This doesn’t mean you have to overlook a smartphone as a mighty camera. Your smartphone is convenient and simple. And, smartphones are great tools to get you taking pictures every day.

Tips To Take Better Pictures On Your Smartphone

Focus On The Fundamentals

Having less control on your phone can feel like a disadvantage, but this type of limitation can actually be freeing. Focusing on the fundamentals can help simplify the process and focus on the core elements of great photos – light, composition, light, emotion, scale, and story.

Use The Tools You Already Have

To help compose your shots you can turn on the gridlines in your camera app. These markers can help you visualize and nail the rule of thirds. Use the HDR mode for really bright areas and really dark areas. On some smartphones, you can create time lapses or imitate the shallow depth of field with the portrait mode. You can create photos using any of the features your phone already has. Get to know your camera and get creative!

Shoot in RAW Format

To get images of the highest quality you should shoot in an uncompressed file format. This will give you more latitude to recover the shadows or highlights when you edit. Not all smartphones have this kind of format, but you can use the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app to edit on your computer or phone later. 

Shoot Every Day

The easiest way to practice photography is to take pictures every day. The more you do, the better you will get. Since you always have your phone on you, it’s even easier to practice photography every day. Whether you take a selfie or shoot some pictures on your way to work, you already are a smartphone photographer. Great pictures can come from everyday life – you just have to be there with your finger on the capture button to take them.

Extra Tip: Clean The Lens!

Your smartphone is already either in your pocket or in your hands. These are not very clean places and it can end up being covered in grease, dirt, and fingerprints all over the lens.

Make sure you clean the lens with a microfiber cloth before you take pictures. Do not scratch the lens. If you don’t clean the lens from fingertips and dirt you can end up with blurry photos and sometimes unwanted flares and lower contrast.

How To Choose The Best Smartphone For Photography

Choosing the right smartphone can be hard – it often depends on your preferences – but the best way to begin is by looking up mobile reviews online and reading some articles about each phone. 

The best smartphone for taking photos is the one that can capture images in RAW format. This format can store more information, which is crucial for post-processing.

When choosing a phone, purchase the flagship model, not the lite version. Like any normal camera, this is more expensive but it is worth the investment. A flagship model has the best camera, chip, battery, etc.

Camera Repair Near You

It’s getting easier and easier to become a good smartphone photographer. However, you won’t get anywhere if your phone’s camera is damaged. Additionally, it’s no fun to look at great photography through a cracked screen. For screen repair, camera repair, or battery repair look no further and bring your smartphone to Hot Tech Repair.