Tips From A Phone Repair Store If Your Phone Is Stolen

If your phone ever gets stolen, you could feel helpless and frantic.
The sinking feeling that comes with realizing you’ve misplaced your phone, or worse, that someone has stolen it, is something most of us are familiar with. The information stored on mobile devices is extremely valuable to thieves. Theft can be devastating because they contain so much personal information with actual and sentimental worth.

Your mind will undoubtedly start racing the second you realize you no longer have access to your gadget. I can’t seem to find it. What are the chances of me getting it back? Is it possible for a thief to view the data stored on it, such as photos, movies, messages, and your own personal information?

Unfortunately, recovering a stolen phone is highly unlikely. But if you act quickly and wisely before and after your phone is taken, you can improve your odds of getting it back and reduce the damage. This can be done by getting a phone repair services from shop near your area.

Here are some tips by an expert phone repair store on what to do if your phone is stolen and how to keep your new or old phone secure are covered in this post.

Steps To Take When Your Phone Is Stolen

Find out what to do if you lose your phone, and try not to panic. Some of these measures will depend on your preparation if you misplace or steal your phone (more details later).

  • Double-Check To Ensure That It’s Indeed Lost

First, try calling it to see if you can hear it ringing or vibrating. The second-best scenario is that someone picks it up and starts talking. For instance, if you left it at a café and a kind person found it, you can make arrangements to receive it from them.

When you call, no one picks up. A phone-finding app like Apple Find My iPhone, Google Find My Device, or Samsung Find My Mobile can be useful. If your device is closed, the finder software from T-Mobile, Lookout Mobile, even allows you to sound an alarm.

You can also have a professional cell phone repair store set up for you.

  • File A Police Report

Report your phone stolen if you think it has been swiped. Although law enforcement does not have the resources to investigate every case of a stolen phone, if you can tell them where your phone is (through a finder app), they will be more likely to assist you in recovering it. Consider that it may take some time because your case will not likely be a top priority.

Filing a police report can be useful even if you don’t get your phone back. For instance, in some nations, a nationwide blacklist is created for reported stolen or lost gadgets. This means that they are incompatible with every network in the country.

  • Remotely Locking And Erasing Your Phone

When you realize someone else has your phone, the first thing you should do is lock it down so that the other person can’t access your data. It’s possible to accomplish this via remote locking of your phone.


When you enable Find My iPhone on an iOS device, the Activation Lock is automatically enabled (which needs to have been enabled before the device was stolen). This prevents anyone from signing in without your Apple user ID and password.


The Find My Device app on Android allows you to remotely lock your device (which needs to have been turned on before the device was stolen). Select SECURE DEVICE after using your Gmail login information to access google(.)com/android/find in a web browser.

After that, you’ll be asked to choose a new lock screen password. You can remotely delete your device from the same interface or have a professional phone repair store do it for you if deemed necessary.

  • Change Your Passwords

You still need to make sure that no one can use your phone for anything while it is in their possession, even if there is a chance you might get it back. Specialized software can bypass your phone’s security features, such as a PIN, password, or pattern. The thief may have had access to your phone for a short time, even if you could lock or delete it remotely.

Because of this, it’s wise to change the passwords for all the accounts linked to your phone, especially if you’ve autosaved any of them (even though this isn’t a good practice in general). Changing your app store password is essential to preventing unauthorized software and in-app purchases. You should also immediately change the password to your password manager if you use one.

Also, you should change your passwords for your email and social media accounts. You’ll need access to your email if you want to change your password or use two-factor authentication with other accounts.

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  • Call Your Bank

Regarding your credit card, you should notify your bank that your phone has been taken and inquire whether there has been any recent activity on your card (which may not show up on online banking immediately). They may even suggest you get a new credit card and cancel the old one as a precaution.

You should check your bank statements for any signs of fraud in the days and weeks after your phone gets stolen. Investigate your credit cards, social media accounts, and any other places where your phone could be used to see if there has been any suspicious activity.


The revelation that your phone is missing may seem like a minor annoyance at first, but it could have dire consequences. The truth is that a lost or stolen phone can result in serious consequences, such as fraud or even kidnapping.

If your phone has been stolen, you should take whatever precautions are necessary to recover it. To begin, though, you should concentrate on keeping your identity safe. Check your online and banking accounts for suspicious activity, and lock and erase your phone from a distance.

Book an appointment or Contact a cell phone repair store in Sacramento like Hot Tech Repair to help you out.

Why Should Always Go A To Phone Repair Store For Fixes

People often repair their phones themselves instead of going to a phone repair store for fixes. That is mainly because they think that fixing a phone by yourself can save them money and time, little do they know that fixing a phone by yourself can cause more damage to the internal delicate components of the phone. Which can lead to severe issues and more financial responsibility.

We have highlighted some reasons why you should always go to a reputed cell phone repair center to get your device fixed.

Why Visit A Phone Repair Store?

Most people who have to fix their phone at home can do it on their own simply because it is easy to find tricks and tips online, without the need of hiring a professional. However, there are many disadvantages of repairing a phone yourself which should be known by all. In order to avoid such damages caused by improper repairs, you should always visit a reputed store for cell phone repair center in Sacramento such as Hot Tech Repair.

We offer a range of phone repair services, including fixing water-damaged phones, battery replacement and data recovery. Our expert technicians have solutions for all your phone problems, and we guarantee quality service. We even offer same-day service, so you don’t have to wait days for your phone to be fixed. So visit us today to get your phone repaired!

Now, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t repair your phone yourself.

You Require The Right Tools

First of all, it’s important to have the right tools when fixing a phone. You’ll also have to have technical knowledge and expertise in order to fix software issues or viruses. Average users don’t have access to these tools and finding them online or in-store is hard; making their usage right is even harder. Not to mention that dealing with viruses can be tricky because they come in different formats; therefore, an experienced technician is needed to get your phone fixed with the right tools.

We at Hot Tech Repair make use of modern equipment to give you the best quality repair.

You May Cause More Damage To The Device

When you try to fix your own phone, it is possible that you might do more damage. For example, If you intend to replace your phone’s screen yourself, you may place it on the wrong side or contaminate the screen with dirt and debris, and an issue like this will cost you even more, to be fixed. Therefore, instead of causing more damage, it’s better if you take your phone to a repair store instead.

If you’re unsure about getting your phone’s display replaced or purchasing a new phone, you must read our blog on Repairing phone screen vs buying a new phone.

Get The Best Professional services for your phone!

Therefore, it is suggested to take your phone to a reputed phone repair store for repair purposes instead of trying to fix it yourself. We at Hot Tech Repair offer a wide variety of phone repair services, you may visit our to learn more about the services or contact us to book an appointment with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it cheaper to repair or replace a phone?
It is way cheaper to repair a phone as compared to replacing a phone. As the damage caused is minimal most of the time, and repairing it doesn’t cost a lot. Whereas purchasing a new phone is way more costly. However, it mostly depends on the severity of the damage and for how long you have been using the same phone.

Q2. Can you fix iPhone yourself?
Fixing an iPhone is not easy and requires expert knowledge to be fixed successfully. Hence, it is recommended to get your phone fixed by a professional to make it function smoothly again.

Q3. Will I lose my data if I replace my phone screen?
No. Replacing the phone screen does not have any impact on the data in your device.

Things To Consider When Buying A Second-Hand Mobile From A Phone Repair Store

Purchasing a used mobile phone from a phone repair store is economical yet tricky. Many tech-savvy people may tell you that the joy of a used mobile phone might not be the same as unpacking a brand new phone that looks extremely attractive in its scratch-free and a shiny body packed in a stylish box.

However, buying a new phone might not always be smart, especially if you consider shifting to newer models that create waves in the phone market. And sometimes, you might consider purchasing a used phone when you’re tight on budget, as buying a second-hand phone is way less costly than purchasing a brand new one.

Whatever may be the reason you purchase a used mobile phone, there are some things you must look out for as buying a second-hand phone is not easy and requires a lot of attention to detail.

So what things you shall consider before purchasing a used mobile phone? Technicians in cell phone repair center in Sacramento tell us about the things we must consider.

Things You Must Look Out For When Purchasing Used Mobile From A Phone Repair Store

So how would you know that you’re making a fair deal with value for money? These tips by experts at a phone repair store can help you score a fair deal, so you have a positive buying experience with fewer chances of a refurbished phone going wrong.

Stolen Phones Are A Big No

You shall never consider buying a stolen phone, even if it is a steal deal for you. Why should you risk getting in trouble with higher authorities for purchasing a device that has been reported as missing or stolen? The phone might have been used for unlawful activities as well before, so you shall never consider buying a stolen phone, as the experts in the cell phone repair center suggest.

To ensure you do not buy a stolen phone, you must ask the phone repair store person to show you the original bill in which the name of the person selling the device is mentioned as the buyer. This can help you identify if the phone is purchased lawfully or if it is a stolen phone.

Do A Thorough Physical Inspection

Now that you are aware that the phone is not stolen. You must do a detailed physical inspection of the phone. You can even take the mobile to a phone repair store like Hot Tech Repair, which can do a detailed inspection and diagnosis of the phone for you and fix anything that might cause any issue in the later stage.

Even if you are purchasing a phone online, you must ask the seller for a thorough physical evaluation. You should look out for bruised or broken edges or dents, and check the keypad, volume, and home screen buttons to see if they are working perfectly.

Examine The Ports And Accessories

You must also check if you are also buying the accessories along with the phone. Experts for Electronics Repair in Sacramento suggest that you examine the charging port closely and test the charging cable and adapter by plugging in your phone and letting it charge for a while.

You must also look for any abnormalities in the battery, such as whether the phone heats up quickly. How long does the battery last, and how long does it take to charge the phone? If you’re getting a phone at a cheaper price, you may consider buying it and then getting the battery replaced at our store. We use high-quality original replacement components to ensure that the phone gets back to its original condition after the repair service.

You must also inspect the camera thoroughly. You may also do some photography with the smartphone’s camera to check its quality. If you do not know much about smartphone photography, you must read our blog on it.

Beware of Fake Phone

Many fake Chinese and Korean versions of smartphones are available in the market. The fraudsters tend to modify the IMEI numbers, model numbers, etc., But don’t panic. You can check if the phone repair store selling you the device is not fleeing with you by checking the model number and specifications of the phone by visiting the settings on the phone and then comparing it with the one mentioned on the battery or behind the phone

So these are some tips suggested by phone repair stores experts to help ensure that the used phone you’re considering purchasing is the right one.

Questions to Ask a Cell Phone Repair Experts In Sacramento

Does repairing your phone from a cell phone repair store make you anxious? Do you find it challenging to pay several visits to the nearest cell phone repair for your phone and still don’t find it worth it? Then we have the right way to approach a cell phone repair so that your phone repair lasts longer and adds years to the life of your gadget. In this way, you’re not only saving your money and time spent on frequent visits but also securing your mental peace.

This article contains proper guidance about how you should reach out to a cell phone repair and get your services done correctly. By asking these questions from your repairer, you can save yourself from the hassle you have to face later on in the usual cell phone repair experiences. We at Hot Tech Repair ensure that your requirements are fulfilled by highly skilled and professional cell phone repairs. We are proud of our customer care, which is capable of efficiently communicating with the customers and coming up with the most appropriate solutions.

Questions to Ask a Cell Phone Repair Store? 

What is the Diagnosis? 

When you take your phone to a cell phone repair shop, you first ask them to find out the problem in the phone that is causing the compromise in the normal performance. If the issue is evident, like a broken screen, water damage, or battery drainage, there is a chance that you will get the repair done within a limited time. However, sometimes some problems are difficult to diagnose, so the expertise of a professional with years of experience is required. By using the right equipment and technique, we at Hot Tech Repair are capable of examining your phone and diagnosing the problem in a short time.

What is the Solution? 

The next thing is to ask about the solution that can fix the optimum performance of your phone. The phone repairer has to come up with a practical strategy that can be implemented to restore normal function. Well-reputed cell phone repair stores in Sacramento like us would be able to come up with an appropriate solution that is not just affordable but also the smartest one. 

What is the Cost? 

The repair cost is a significant factor in determining if the phone should be repaired or replaced. So the professional phone expert examines and assesses the phone’s function to weigh the pros and cons of fixing the phone. This way, we can tell you that you should invest in a repair or an upgrade. It is to give you real value for your money and time so that it does not go wasted. Sometimes, the damage is beyond repair, and the only solution is to replace the phone rather than invest in a cell phone repair center.

What is the Turnaround Time? 

Discussing the turnaround time is essential because you can decide whether to wait for your phone to get fixed or pay a visit later in the day. In this way, you can schedule your routine accordingly and save time. We ensure we examine the device correctly and guide the customer so they don’t have to wait long hours.

Is there a Warranty? 

Once the repair has been done, it is common to observe that the phone becomes more susceptible to frequent problems. It is because the phone has to go through a series of trials, where they open the phone, disassemble it, and therefore, there is a greater chance that a problem will arise again. Therefore, claiming a warranty for the repair from the electronics repair in Sacramento is a must. If there is the involvement of any replacement parts, you must ask for the warranty of the authentic pieces.

Final Words! 

Investing your money and time in a phone repair rather than purchasing a new phone can be tough. When you want to get your phone fixed, you must choose the best services so that there is a significant increase in the lifespan of your phone.

5 Benefits of Repairing your Tablet from a Phone Repair Store In Sacramento

With the advancing world, technology has changed a lot. The tech manufacturing industry has developed a lot fromThe tech manufacturing industry generated a lot from simple machines that could perform limited functions to multi-tasking. It doesn’t matter how advanced gadgets you make; they will always get damaged. When they are broken, the question arises whether you should go for a repair from a phone repair store or replace the device with a new tech gadget. In today’s fast world, nobody has the time to properly search for repair vs. replace cost-benefit numbers. Instead of wasting your time, stick to a simple rule of thumb: if the expense of replacing the broken tech gadget is more than twice the cost of repairing it, then it’s probably best to get the device repaired.

Advantages of Tablet Repair from a Phone Repair Store 

For decades Repairing damaged products were out of fashion. Do people believe that why spend time fixing something when you can throw it away and buy a new one? But with the increasing awareness of the environment and waste among people, repairing is getting back in fashion. 

If your tablet breaks down and the repair price does not exceed 210 dollars, go for it without thinking twice because replacing it will cost you double. Following are some benefits of repairing a tablet from a phone repair store

Reduction in emission 

According to the 2010 UNEP report, the E-waste generated by Kenya was almost 11000 mt per year. Which has increased over time as the number of smartphone users has increased. This problem is faced worldwide because of the increased use of technology. People buy new electronic devices and throw away the old ones resulting in electronic pollution. Different metals are disposed of in soil, water, and air. These metals then mix with our crops, causing deadly diseases to humans and animals. It is a threat to marine life, also. It is better to go for repairs to avoid contributing to electronic pollution. Choose a store that provides reliable and fast repair at a reasonable cost, like Hot Tech Repair.


When a tech gadget gets damaged, it is usually 1 or 2 parts of the whole device. Getting the damaged part repaired or replaced with new spare parts is cheaper than replacing the entire machine. The screen or battery is the most common piece of a tablet that gets damaged. If you are facing any problem with your tablet, take it to an expert cell phone repair store in Sacramento so that the technician can diagnose the problem and fix it in a minimum time.

Saving Time 

Getting a repair for your tablet from electronics repair Sacramento will save you valuable time. It is because any repair takes a maximum time of 1 or 2 hours and on top of that, you can request home pick up and delivery which can save you more time. On the other hand, buying a new phone requires a lot of research, price comparison, several store visits, and if you are a mediocre person, then several months to save the required money. It will not only drain your energy, but you can also face financial crises. 


As we all know, every accessory, like cases and keyboards, is not compatible with every model of tablet. There are chances that your old accessories do not work with your new device causing more financial loss. Getting your old device fixed is better than buying a new one. 


After the repair, you will notice a sudden boost in your device’s performance, giving you a feel of a brand-new device at a minimum cost. It is an excellent example of working smarter, not harder. 


Repair is better, faster, and easier than buying a new device. It also increases your device’s lifespan so that you can fully take advantage of a thing you paid for.  

Should I Repair My Screen Or Buy A New Phone?

If you’re like the majority of people these days, you have probably had to deal with a broken screen over the years. Almost everybody can agree that using a phone with a broken screen can be a hassle. What’s more important is deciding between buying a new phone or investing in screen repair. This is a big decision.

Asking friends and family and even a smartphone technician can lead to very conflicting and different answers, and this only makes it worse. We know that figuring out the best way to handle a broken phone can be confusing. However, we have a couple of key points that can help you make this a smoother process for you.

When Should I Replace My Phone?

Often, choosing to replace your phone with a new one will be the most expensive option. Having said that, there are a few situations where replacing your phone may be the right choice. If your phone is a few years old, it may not be as expensive anymore as screen repair. If this is your case, you may want to think about selling it as it is and buying a new phone. Also, if you need a phone that fully works immediately, then you may not have another choice but to buy an updated phone. 

If your current situation doesn’t fall into any of these cases, then replacing the screen on your phone is the right move.

Phone Screen Repairs: The Right Choice?

If your broken phone only requires a quick screen replacement, it can easily go back to its former glory. Choosing a screen repair service is almost always the best choice since it saves both time and money for the customers.

In most cases, a screen repair that is affordable can extend your phone’s life by many months ( in some cases, even years). Repairing a phone instead of replacing it means that you can enjoy your current phone while new tech is developed and released.

For example, if a phone screen repair extends your phone’s life by 6 to 9 months, newer phones with newer features will be available when it’s time for you to upgrade. This definitely is a win-win situation for you. You will get more use out of your old device and get access to newer and better features when you finally decide to upgrade.

Buying Vs. Fixing

At the end of the day, it is your call to whether buy a new phone or repair a cracked screen. Unfortunately, there is no right answer, but in most cases, it definitely makes more sense to repair your current phone as it will work out cheaper.

When you make a decision, keep in mind the cost and time of repair services, as well as the current value of your broken phone. These details can help you figure out what the right decision is. In most situations, screen repair makes for the best choice, and at Hot Tech Repair we suggest it to everyone debating this decision.

6 Reasons To Consider Smartphone Screen Repair

#1 ‍Repairing Saves Money‍

Buying a new phone is usually very expensive. While your current phone does not have the latest processor or the camera has fewer megapixels and maybe it takes longer to launch an app, it still works! Repairing it may be the easiest option that gives you the time to buy a newer better phone later on.

#2 ‍Environmental Reasons

According to CNN reports, we use more than we need and more that we can sustain. Americans throw away about 350,000 cell phones every day. Smartphone manufacturers never disclose how much CO2 they create just so you can have your new phone. Their business needs to make a profit, so they rely on us buying new phones.

#3 Coltan Shortage

If you don’t know what Coltan is, it is an essential substance that is used to produce smartphones. Unfortunately, it is very scarce. It contains niobium and tantalum (mineral ores) that are very hard to find.

#4 Use The Warranty

Most phone manufacturers give you a warranty on your smartphone. It’s worth seeing if you’re still covered. If your warranty is still valid, in most cases, you can get it repaired at no cost.

#5 Helping Repair Shops

Whenever you send in your device for repairs, you’re supporting local repair shops. Most people don’t really think about this, but it is true. Your local neighborhood repair shop needs you to help them out.

#6 Getting Maximum Value

Think about how much you paid for your phone. If you break it, you should get it fixed to get the most value from it.

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 Repairing Your Broken Screen in Sacramento

There a many ways to face a broken smartphone. Repairing your broken screen is the savvy option. If you’re looking for phone screen repair in Sacramento, give Hot Tech Repair a look. We are a smartphone and gadget repair center with experienced experts that can repair any device and model. Don’t give up on your broken phone and let us help you out! 

A Beginners Guide To Smartphone Photography

Some people may say the best camera is the one you have on you, and most of the time, that means your smartphone camera. It is easy to use, portable and has the same image quality a DSLR camera has. Casual photographers and pros alike love smartphone photography. However, not because smartphones are an accessible and easy way to take photographs it means that every picture you take will be amazing. No matter what you take pictures with, it is up to the photographer to make take great photos. Let’s go over our little beginner’s guide to smartphone photography.

Difference Between Smartphones and DSLRs

As smartphone manufacturers make strides in camera quality, the quality gap between smartphones and DSLRs continues to get smaller. However,  even the most sophisticated and advanced smartphones can’t compete with the control and power a DSLR offers.

Features such as detachable lenses, the ability to manually adjust settings to get certain effects, and a higher megapixel resolution are some of the things a smartphone can’t do as well. Additionally, motion blur or shallow depth of field are some things that can keep a DSLR above smartphones.

This doesn’t mean you have to overlook a smartphone as a mighty camera. Your smartphone is convenient and simple. And, smartphones are great tools to get you taking pictures every day.

Tips To Take Better Pictures On Your Smartphone

Focus On The Fundamentals

Having less control on your phone can feel like a disadvantage, but this type of limitation can actually be freeing. Focusing on the fundamentals can help simplify the process and focus on the core elements of great photos – light, composition, light, emotion, scale, and story.

Use The Tools You Already Have

To help compose your shots you can turn on the gridlines in your camera app. These markers can help you visualize and nail the rule of thirds. Use the HDR mode for really bright areas and really dark areas. On some smartphones, you can create time lapses or imitate the shallow depth of field with the portrait mode. You can create photos using any of the features your phone already has. Get to know your camera and get creative!

Shoot in RAW Format

To get images of the highest quality you should shoot in an uncompressed file format. This will give you more latitude to recover the shadows or highlights when you edit. Not all smartphones have this kind of format, but you can use the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app to edit on your computer or phone later. 

Shoot Every Day

The easiest way to practice photography is to take pictures every day. The more you do, the better you will get. Since you always have your phone on you, it’s even easier to practice photography every day. Whether you take a selfie or shoot some pictures on your way to work, you already are a smartphone photographer. Great pictures can come from everyday life – you just have to be there with your finger on the capture button to take them.

Extra Tip: Clean The Lens!

Your smartphone is already either in your pocket or in your hands. These are not very clean places and it can end up being covered in grease, dirt, and fingerprints all over the lens.

Make sure you clean the lens with a microfiber cloth before you take pictures. Do not scratch the lens. If you don’t clean the lens from fingertips and dirt you can end up with blurry photos and sometimes unwanted flares and lower contrast.

How To Choose The Best Smartphone For Photography

Choosing the right smartphone can be hard – it often depends on your preferences – but the best way to begin is by looking up mobile reviews online and reading some articles about each phone. 

The best smartphone for taking photos is the one that can capture images in RAW format. This format can store more information, which is crucial for post-processing.

When choosing a phone, purchase the flagship model, not the lite version. Like any normal camera, this is more expensive but it is worth the investment. A flagship model has the best camera, chip, battery, etc.

Camera Repair Near You

It’s getting easier and easier to become a good smartphone photographer. However, you won’t get anywhere if your phone’s camera is damaged. Additionally, it’s no fun to look at great photography through a cracked screen. For screen repair, camera repair, or battery repair look no further and bring your smartphone to Hot Tech Repair. 


5 Tips To Fix Slow Mobile Data Issues

Watching a progress bar work its way slowly across the screen is as fun as watching water boil. While this issue can happen from time to time, if you experience data connection issues frequently, you can try a few fixes at home. There are several factors that can affect mobile data speed and they can vary depending on the phone OS, location, specifications, nature of the data plan, etc.

Here are 5 tips from Hot Tech Repair on how to fix slow mobile data issues. And, if you’re interested, here are other 5 tips on how to fix sound issues on your smartphone.


Fixing Slow Mobile Data Issues

Whether you are struggling with web page loading or waiting for messages to send, having signal issues is very frustrating. After all, you are paying for a data plan and expect good connectivity. The good news is that these problems are often just temporary. If you still have a lagging internet speed after more than a couple of hours, try the following tips to get things moving.


#1 Restart Your Phone

An often overlooked but obvious remedy is that your phone may need just a quick refresh. Try restarting your phone to see if it improves data speeds. Restarting your smartphone varies depending on what kind of phone you have. You will have to press and hold the power button on an iPhone, and on an Android press and hold down the volume and power buttons until the onscreen menu shows up.


#2 Switch Airplane mode On and Off

Switching the airplane mode on and off is a proven method to get your cellular data moving again. Once you turn on the airplane mode, make sure you give your device about a minute before turning it off again. This guarantees your phone has enough time to disconnect from any cellular and Wi-Fi connections fully.


#3 Check The Data Usage

Background apps can devour your internet connection speed. If you think this is the culprit, you can actually disable the access of these apps to mobile data. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular to manage this. On an Android device, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > App Data Usage. 

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you may have to check if you have a data saver or low data settings disabled. When you’re at network settings, try to disable these and see if your signal strength increases.

If there is an app that you don’t really use and is consuming a large amount of mobile data, you can select the app and turn off both Unrestricted Data Usage and Background Data.


#4 Check With The Carrier

If you don’t have Wi-Fi connection issues, but the mobile data has a bad signal, then the culprit may be your carrier. Even if you have a reliable provider, outages can still happen. Before you call them, check to see if other people with the same carrier as experiencing the same problems. You can use Downdetector to see if there are any widespread issues. 


#5 Remove The SIM Card

If the above troubleshooting methods are not working, it’s time to take another approach. Using an unfolded paperclip or a SIM card tool, remove the SIM card. Check if the card itself is damaged and then put it back in your phone. If you are not sure how to access the card or you are worried about breaking it, our friendly technicians at Hot Tech Repair can help.


iPhone-Only Bonus Tip: Refresh The Network Settings

Apple recommends resetting the network settings on your phone. This, however, means that you will lose every saved Wi-Fi network, custom carrier settings, and VPN connection, so it’s definitely a last resort. If you choose to give this a shot, you have to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. 

Bring Your Phone To The Experts

If after trying all these troubleshooting tips, you are still having slow mobile data speeds, it is definitely time to seek out a professional. Our team of technicians at Hot Tech Repair can help you figure out what is causing your issues. Get in touch with us today to start getting your phone at full speed.


Reasons Why Gifting Cell Phone Repair Is a Great Idea

 With the holiday season already upon us, you may be on the lookout for what to get your loved ones as gifts this year. There are endless options out there, and this can get overwhelming pretty quickly. You want to make sure your gift is useful, appreciated, and meaningful. One thing you may have overlooked is the thought of gifting cell phone repair. 

When someone breaks their cell phone and can’t replace it right away, it can become a stressful situation in their lives. They may not be able to financially take on the burden of getting their cell phone repaired. Why not be the one that saves the day and gift cell phone repair at Hot Tech Repair?

At Hot Tech Repair, we can fix all types of phones, and we would love to be part of your holiday season!

Common Holiday Cell Phone Mishaps

Cell phone repair at Hot Tech Repair should be your one and only solution to get your phone back to its full potential. Let’s go over the most common holiday cell phone mishaps. From broken buttons to cracked screens, these are the things to look out for.

Cracked Screens

Your friend just dropped their phone while making gingerbread cookies and looking at the recipe on their phone. Or, your dad was up on the roof putting up Christmas lights and it slid out of his pocket and fell. Don’t panic. This is actually more common than you realize. This is why at Hot Tech Repair we have made it an easy fix. In the years to come manufacturers will be producing cell phones with more durable and thicker screens, but until that day comes, we can help!

Keeping a Charge

So, your mom’s phone won’t charge even if she left plugged in all night? This could mean that the charging point needs attention. The charging port could have water damage or particles. This can cause the charging wire to not fit properly, meaning it can’t stay in place and can’t charge the phone.


Whenever your home button is not taking you there when you press it, or your spacebar doesn’t work, this can be very frustrating. Having buttons not working properly inhibits our ability to text, browse, and make phone calls. 

When your iPhone doesn’t respond when you press the Home button it may be a software problem. The hardware may be sending the signal properly, but if the software is not working, nothing will happen. When the software in your iPhone is corrupted or overloaded your Home button may stop working properly. Hardware problems with buttons usually have three categories: wear, tear, and gunk, the home button gets dislodged, and one of the cables connecting the logic board to the home button is damaged.

If this is a recurring problem for one of your loved ones, contact us. We can find out what is wrong and make sure their phone is working as it should.

Dropped Phone in Water

Did your best friend drop her iPhone in the punch at her work holiday party? This can be such an unsettling feeling, knowing her phone is ruined because of a silly mistake. Whenever a cell phone has water damage it is a good idea to try and get the moisture and liquid out as fast as possible, this is what gets internal parts damaged. However, professional cell phone repair can be the solution for your friend. Don’t hesitate and bring her phone to us!

Damaged Phone Speakers

Damaged speakers can be caused by a bunch of different issues. Dropping a cell phone may scramble the internal parts and damage them in several ways. And this may be disappointing, but keeping the volume up too high can actually prohibit the speakers from working properly. To get it properly fixed, you need to bring that cell phone to the professionals.

Battery Replacement

Remember last year when you gave your mom that new iPhone? Well, odds are a year’s worth of wear and tear has decreased the battery’s life. Modern cell phones batteries are made of lithium-ion and can be brilliant. They charge quickly, rarely explode, and are energy-dense. Sadly, they are not perfect. Unfortunately, smartphones don’t have everlasting batteries. Bring us your cell phone and we will replace the battery in no time.

Reasons Why Gifting Cell Phone Repair Is a Great Idea

Gifting cell phone repair for the holidays may not be the number one most common gift these days. However, we gathered three important reasons why it actually is a great idea.

It’s Unexpected

Your loved ones may have damaged their cell phones and are overwhelmed by the finances behind getting it fixed. They won’t suspect that you are getting them the repair they need so desperately. It would be a gift they would probably never be able to guess, and therefore a wonderful surprise. During the holiday season, surprises are the best.

It’s Practical

A lot of people get gifts that end up sitting in their closets forever. Getting someone you love cell phone repair at Hot Tech Repair will be an extremely helpful and practical gift. Everyone needs their cellphones for all kinds of daily tasks. You know your loved one does too, so fixing their phones will be gratifying for both you and your loved one.

It’s Thoughtful

Cell phone repair may not be the number one thoughtful gift on the list, but let’s take a look at the facts. You know your friend or family member is not getting cell phone repair for themselves for a number of reasons, mainly financial reasons. They also may not have the time to come all the way to the store to get it done. When they find out that you took the time and effort (and cost) to make sure their phones got fixed will be all they need for these holidays.

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Holiday Cell Phone Repair In Sacramento

If you are looking for an unexpected, practical, and thoughtful present, think no more and give cell phone repair at Hot Tech Repair. We are here for all of your device repair needs, not only cell phones, but we also fix tablets, laptops, etc. Give the best gift for your loved ones these holidays by getting their cell phone repaired! Call us today at (916) 969-8128!

3 Reasons Why Replacing Your Own iPhone Battery Is Not a Good Idea

There are a few factors that most iPhone owners consider important, and battery life is at the top of this list. We all want an iPhone with a forever-lasting battery that won’t die on us at any given time. And, when a battery begins to decrease in life or wear down, many iPhone owners are looking for solutions.

At Hot Tech Repair, we are here to help you. Our phone battery replacement services, which include iPhones and Android products, are of top quality. A potential solution for you is to replace the battery with a new version that has better battery life. However, there are risks to attempting to changing the battery on your own. There are a number of reasons why you should leave this to a professional.

iPhones and Battery Life

As we implied above, the simple reality of any battery is that its life will decrease over time. Batteries can’t maintain their initial capacity forever, instead, their capacity diminishes as they get charged and drained.

Some manufacturers, including Apple, have offered a replacement of batteries for some models, but others don’t. However, you may have found a replacement battery on your own and even if you are confident about it, we recommend you refrain from attempting to replace it on your own. The following are the risks associated with DIY battery replacement.

#1 Insurance and Warranty Voiding Risks

Our example is going to be based on an iPhone. All iPhones come with a one-year warranty when you buy them. This is so great, but it comes with a very important fine print: This warranty only covers accidental damages. If any other type of damage happens, including those you had control over, will not be covered.

And as you probably have figured out, opening up your iPhone to replace the battery doesn’t count as accident damage. It is actually considered purposeful damage. Opening up an iPhone is a lot and any evidence of you tampering with it will definitely void your warranty.

Additionally, doing this will also void any phone insurance as well. This insurance is bought as a way of protecting your iPhone, but they only cover limited damages. They definitely do not include opening up your iPhone without and professional training.

#2 Replacement Battery Issues

Changing your iPhone’s battery might not only void your warranty or insurance plan but it won’t improve your actual battery. Even if you were able to open your phone and replace the battery successfully, you can never be sure if the battery you bought is robust.

You actually really can’t. Apple actually stopped selling battery replacements, so you will be looking for a battery on your own and it might not be a good one. There really isn’t a way to truly know whether the battery is robust until it’s installed in your phone and working. So, a scam is highly likely to happen.

#3 Damage To Other Phone Components

Any attempt to change your own battery actually poses a risk of damaging other components. Replacing an iPhone battery involves a lot of tools that you probably don’t have in your home, and you might have to use unapproved alternatives instead.

Even if you did have the right tools, do you know how to use them the right way? If not, you could easily end up messing with exposed wires, interrupting some phone features like audio components or the camera. We get failed DIY battery replacement attempts a lot, including the owner, who couldn’t put the phone back together, the phone didn’t turn back on, etc. This can usually be avoided and it is just going to cost you more money to fix it.

A cheap way out can easily turn into a more expensive fix.

If you are experimenting your phone being slow, try these 5 tips to fix slow mobile data issues.

Work With The Experts

For all the reasons we mentioned above, it is very important to work with a qualified phone repair professional. At Hot Tech Repair we have the experience needed to fix battery and charger issues for every model of smartphone. You can check out our pricing for your specific model here. We will recommend the right action to take and carry it out for you. This will avoid the risk of voiding your warranty or damaging other components. Plus, you will get a battery upgrade! Call us now today.