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How does a phone repair store fix an overheated smartphone?

Our experts at Hot Tech Repair say the heat is your phone’s worst enemy. Because of the fast CPUs and large batteries housed within compact shells, overheating is a significant issue with modern smartphones (looking at you, Galaxy Note 7). When charging, sitting idle, or performing more active activities, your phone must maintain a safe internal temperature to avoid short circuits, fires, or even explosions.

Other times, how we handle our phones determines how long they live. If your phone overheats for whatever reason, you can take a few steps to lower the temperature and prevent it from happening again. These steps are curated by the finest mobile technicians from Hot Tech Repair, who have been working with different brands of phones with diverse problems. So these tips are surely going to make your life easier!

Tips To Fix an overheated smartphone by phone repair store.

Restart your phone.

Is your phone getting warm (but not unbearably so)? Do not, contrary to popular belief, place it in the freezer. Because the components within a cell phone expand as they heat up, injecting extreme cold may allow unwanted moisture to enter the phone.

Hot tech repair advises you to disconnect your phone if it is charging. After that, turn it off and keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators. If you have a phone case, take it off. If the problem persists, get it inspected by a cell phone repair store in Sacramento. Hot Tech Repair is a master in treating phone damages, so contact us for consultancy!

Use different charging cables.

If the device was only charging, check for damage. The interior wiring may be visible if the cable has been melted or destroyed. Use a new one without endangering the old one.

Even if there is nothing physically wrong with the charger, double-check that it is bought from a reputable store like Hot Tech Repair. Check out our services and Products!

To charge your phone, you should ideally only use the charger with it. If your new iPhone or Galaxy phone charger did not come with it, make sure it is from Apple or Samsung, or go with a well-known brand like Anker.

Stop Using the Unnecessary Apps

Games, augmented reality, and GPS navigation tax your device’s CPU. If your phone gets too hot while using one of these apps, force-quit the app and wait for it to cool down.

Even if you are not actively using an app, it may use CPU resources in the background. On an Android smartphone, you can put these applications to sleep. Depending on the brand and version of Android you have installed on your phone, you may need to take different steps, but on an Android 11 smartphone from Samsung, go to Settings > Battery and device care.

When an app consumes too many resources, your smartphone may notify you and suggest that you put the app to sleep or delete it. You should not ignore these types of warnings.


If your phone continues to overheat, malware could be the culprit. Loapi malware can overheat the battery, drain its power, and cause long-term harm to your Android smartphone. If your phone is running slowly, displaying pop-ups, and becoming hot even when not in use, it may be infected with a virus. Bring it over to Hot Tech Repair for a quick inspection and repair!


If the problem gets out of your hands, it is best to contact Hot Tech Repair. We are a phone repair store that has been in business for over ten years. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best repair services possible. We value both the quality of our service and the repair cost. We can repair everything from cracked displays to battery problems. Hot Tech Repair is your one-stop-shop for all your cell phone repair needs. You can trust us because we’ve been in the business for over a decade.