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A Top Notch Smartphone Repair Service in Sacramento

At Hot Tech Repair, we offer trustworthy local phone repair services in Sacramento. Smartphones have become important for daily use. Whether scheduling your meeting or attending a class, your device plays a vital role in your daily productivity. However, if your smartphones are malfunctioning or damaged, you don’t need to start saving up for a new gadget. We have the tools and expertise to fix your damaged smartphone in time`and we are one of the most reliable Smartphone Repair services in Sacramento. Our technicians are one of the most qualified in the field and have all the required skills. They undergo rigorous training to keep up with the latest gadgets and technology. To eliminate the chance of any error, our technicians practice on test devices before they get to our customer’s gadgets. Contact us if you want to know more about our services and get your smartphone fixed


Quick One Hour Device Repair

We know your device’s importance and the work that depends on it. Our technicians are renowned for providing quality services in minimal time. You don’t have to wait for days to get your iPhone repaired. Our team is quick to diagnose issues and have repaired countless devices. Whether it’s an android battery replacement or an iPhone charging port that needs fixing, our Smartphone repair services in Sacramento are one of the top in the city..With our diverse team, we consistently aim to provide superior repair services at our local repair shop. Most of our smartphone repairs are completed in a single day. You can count on us when your device needs fixing as our technicians are equipped with professional skills. In the past we have successfully repaired countless smartphones, such as iPhones and Samsung devices, with the satisfaction of our customers. If your device is damaged and not functioning properly, you don’t have to look for a reliable service anymore. Hot Tech repair is here for you.


Some Feedback From Our Happy Clients.

Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez
a month ago
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This is by far the best repair place. I called around to different places to get my Galaxy Tablet charging port replaced and this place gave me the best price and he got it done the same day! Other places said that it would be three to seven days and charge more then $100. Customer service is AMAZING and they are GREAT communicating with you! Definitely would recommend this place over any other repair place.
Janet Camprini
Janet Camprini
4 months ago
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I took in my Samsung phone because it wouldn't charge. Roman was friendly and knowledgeable. He fixed it in a few minutes. I was so relieved that I didn't have to leave my phone. I did not shop around, but other reviews say that they are reasonably priced. I recommend this place for cell phone repair.
Alex Chmil
Alex Chmil
year ago
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These guys are awesome!! I brought in my iPhone 10s and they were able to repair my shattered screen. They quoted a quick and reasonable price. I was able to drop off my phone and picked it up shortly after. Dariy and Roman are great honest guys!
Yung4Life !
Yung4Life !
2 months ago
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I have never had my phone fixed or repaired, my led lights, screen and speakers were all messed up, I returned in 30 mintuted and received a legit brand new phone, I can’t explain how exited I got mannn, I 100% recommended for you guys to try it out, 5 stars!!

A Reliable Local Phone Repair Service

We are one of Sacramento’s top smartphone repair services. Our service is not only limited to smartphones, we provide repairs for laptops and tablets too. Bring us your gadget and we will fix it up at a reasonable price. We use high quality parts so you can enjoy working on your gadget. 

If you have a damaged gadget that needs an emergency repair then we can help you out as we have a 24 hours phone repair service

Hot Tech Repair offers solutions to a variety of smartphone issues. 

Smartphone Screen Repair

At our local phone repair shop, we have provided screen repairs to numerous smartphones. Shattered or cracked screen can cause a problem for your device. No need to panic though, our technicians have fixed countless damaged screens with the complete satisfaction of customers. Bring your device to us and we’ll get to fixing it in minimal time. 

Battery Replacement 

We are experts when it comes to repairing devices in minimal time as we have successfully offered battery replacement for countless smartphones. A battery is the powerhouse for any gadget. That being said, overheating and long usage can cause the battery to malfunction. Our local phone repair service is here for you when you need a reliable battery replacement. 

Water Damage 

Left your phone out in the rain? Or dropped it in the pool? Well no worries, after a diagnosis of your device we will fix up your smartphone. Our technicians are trained to be efficient and resolve issues quickly. However, we never compromise on the quality of service we provide. So rest assured, your phone is in good hands.

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