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iPad Screen Repair In Sacramento

Best iPad Screen Repair Services in Sacramento

The iPad is one of the most popular tablets in the industry. At Hot Tech Repair, we offer iPad screen repair for all models. If you notice your iPad screen is cracked and acting weird, don’t hesitate to bring it over to us for a quick & affordable fix.

From small cracks to completely shattered screens, we can repair an iPad.

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High-Quality iPad Screen Repairs

It Doesn't Matter What iPad Model You Have ― We'll Fix It!

At Hot Tech Repair, we are proud to offer high-quality iPad repairs for all models. Whether you have the first generation iPad or an iPad Pro, we can replace the screens. Our experienced technicians are trained to work on all iPad models and have the needed tools and parts to fix your iPad the right way. We’ve got you covered.

Expert Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

If you dropped your iPad and need iPad screen repair our professional technicians will fix it for you on the spot. Your iPad may have one of the three possible screen issues:

iPad Digitizer Glass Replacement

A replacement of the iPad’s digitizer glass includes the glass and touch function of its screen. If you cracked your iPad’s screen and it is not responding to touch, or it presses buttons on its own. It is time to replace the digitizer glass.

iPad LCD Replacement

The picture portion of the screen is known as the LCD. If the screen on your iPad has lines or spots in the picture or is not displaying a picture at all, then your iPad probably needs an LCD replacement.

iPad Screen Replacement

Some iPad screens come with a digitizer glass and the LCD fused together. An iPad screen replacement can fix issues like no response to touch, no display on the screen, and cracked glass.

No matter what the issue is, we’ll take care of it and get your iPad looking and working as well as new.

Low Price Guaranteed

Thanks to our low prices, you can be sure that won’t find a better deal for iPad repairs anywhere else. Our iPad repair goals are to get you back to using your iPad as soon as possible. All iPad repairs come with a 90-day warranty. 

iPad Screen Repair Pricing

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iPad 3/4

iPad Air

iPad 5th Generation (2017)

iPad 6

iPad 7/8

iPad Air 2

iPad Air 3

iPad Mini 1/2

iPad Mini 3











iPhone screen being removed by person wearing white gloves.

Photo:  Repairing a Cracked Screen on an iPhone

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Frequently Asked Questions

iPad Inquires

This is a very common question. While we would love to give an answer, each case is different. Sometimes some screen damage may be ok, but others may pose a risk to your iPad’s components, and even to yourself. Simple cracks and scratches will most likely be fine if you are careful not to let any water get in the cracks. For more damaged iPad screens where the glass is cracked and falling apart, we recommend bringing it to us as soon as you can to reduce the chances of getting injured by the glass or damaging internal parts.

You may find kits to replace your iPad’s screen on your own, however, we don’t recommend you take this route. Replacing an iPad’s glass is much more difficult than replacing the touchscreen. This is because you need to separate the glass from the touchscreen and then glue them together. This is definitely something that should be left to professionals.

You won't have to pay more for Apple authorized repairs and service at Hot Tech Repair. Prices can vary depending on the type of screen damage and your iPad model. Check out our pricing tables.

Once you know how much your iPad screen repair will cost, compare it with the cost of buying an entirely new iPad. Generally, the cost of the repairs is half or two-thirds of the cost of replacing the device. You might want to consider iPad screen replacement.

If your screen accidentally broke, you have the option of having it replaced for an out-of-warranty fee. Apple warranty doesn’t cover accidental damages.

Unfortunately, the worst cracks can continue to spread and will start interfering with your iPad’s touchscreen performance. The iPad may not recognize when you touch it, or may even think your finger is in a different spot or several spots for that matter.

Make Your iPad Like New Again!