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About Our iPhone Screen Repairs

At Hot Tech Repair, we specialize in iPhone screen repair ― whether you need an iPhone 7 screen replacement, or an iPhone 11 screen repair, we have you covered! Learn more about our iPhone screen repair pricing and see our frequently asked questions below.

Is a cracked or damaged screen preventing you from enjoying your iPhone? Don’t worry about it! The professionals at Hot Tech Repair offer same-day iPhone screen repair. Stop by or contact us today and get a free estimate on your iPhone screen repair service.

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Is Your iPhone Screen Cracked?

It Doesn't Matter What iPhone Model You Have ― We'll Fix It!

Accidents do happen! Dropping your iPhone is inevitable, and when this happens, you need a reliable iPhone screen repair shop that will give you the highest quality and convenient repair. If you broke your screen, you have two options: LCD or Glass repair. The LCD display controls everything you see, and if it’s broken, you can be looking at pixelated lines or a blank screen. The front glass is what protects the screen and can break easily.

No matter what iPhone model you have, we can fix every screen. The most common iPhone screen repair we see in our store is for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. If you are looking for a high-quality iPhone screen repair service near you, come and try Hot Tech Repair. We can fix it!

Let The Pros Do Your iPhone Screen Repair.

Looking at pictures and texts through a broken screen can be very frustrating, but you shouldn’t get an entirely new iPhone just because your screen is damaged. Hot Tech Repair is an expert in broken iPhone screen repair, and even if we can fix just about every electronic device, we still think of iPhone screen repair as our specialty.

iPhone Screen Repair Pricing

iPhone 5/5C/5S/5SE

iPhone 6/6 Plus

iPhone 6S/6S Plus

iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPhone 8/8 Plus

iPhone SE 2nd (2020)


iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12/12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max














Photo:  Repairing a Cracked Screen on an iPhone

Repairing an iPhone - Cracked Screen

Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone Inquires

You won't have to pay more for Apple authorized repairs and service at Hot Tech Repair. Prices can vary depending on the type of repair needed and on the iPhone model.

For iPhone screen repair, we offer same-day service. Simply call us or fill out the repair form here to schedule an appointment.

Hot Tech repair is located at 2933 Fulton Ave. Sacramento, CA 95821. Come and visit us!

If your iPhone still turns on, but there is no visible image on the display, it is highly likely that the LCD is damaged or is not functioning properly. Bring in your iPhone for a free diagnostic. We won't perform any repairs without letting you know first.

We insist on using our own tools and parts for the repairs your iPhone needs. We have a high-quality process to make sure our parts are OEM or Factory standard. This is why we can't accept any customer-supplied parts. However, there may be exceptions; call us to discuss your situation.

The glass and the touchscreen are two separate things but are permanently joined. This is what allows your digitizer to work while your glass is broken. This also allows temporary use of your iPhone.
Unfortunately, we need to remove the entire front assembly to repair the glass. On most iPhones, you have to replace both the LCD and glass.

You will save money, but you have to be aware of many essential aspects. When you do repairs on your own, you may void the warranty if you do it wrong. If you don't have the skill to make the repairs, you may end up with a useless phone.

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