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3 Reasons Why Replacing Your Own iPhone Battery Is Not a Good Idea

There are a few factors that most iPhone owners consider important, and battery life is at the top of this list. We all want an iPhone with a forever-lasting battery that won’t die on us at any given time. And, when a battery begins to decrease in life or wear down, many iPhone owners are looking for solutions.

At Hot Tech Repair, we are here to help you. Our phone battery replacement services, which include iPhones and Android products, are of top quality. A potential solution for you is to replace the battery with a new version that has better battery life. However, there are risks to attempting to changing the battery on your own. There are a number of reasons why you should leave this to a professional.

iPhones and Battery Life

As we implied above, the simple reality of any battery is that its life will decrease over time. Batteries can’t maintain their initial capacity forever, instead, their capacity diminishes as they get charged and drained.

Some manufacturers, including Apple, have offered a replacement of batteries for some models, but others don’t. However, you may have found a replacement battery on your own and even if you are confident about it, we recommend you refrain from attempting to replace it on your own. The following are the risks associated with DIY battery replacement.

#1 Insurance and Warranty Voiding Risks

Our example is going to be based on an iPhone. All iPhones come with a one-year warranty when you buy them. This is so great, but it comes with a very important fine print: This warranty only covers accidental damages. If any other type of damage happens, including those you had control over, will not be covered.

And as you probably have figured out, opening up your iPhone to replace the battery doesn’t count as accident damage. It is actually considered purposeful damage. Opening up an iPhone is a lot and any evidence of you tampering with it will definitely void your warranty.

Additionally, doing this will also void any phone insurance as well. This insurance is bought as a way of protecting your iPhone, but they only cover limited damages. They definitely do not include opening up your iPhone without and professional training.

#2 Replacement Battery Issues

Changing your iPhone’s battery might not only void your warranty or insurance plan but it won’t improve your actual battery. Even if you were able to open your phone and replace the battery successfully, you can never be sure if the battery you bought is robust.

You actually really can’t. Apple actually stopped selling battery replacements, so you will be looking for a battery on your own and it might not be a good one. There really isn’t a way to truly know whether the battery is robust until it’s installed in your phone and working. So, a scam is highly likely to happen.

#3 Damage To Other Phone Components

Any attempt to change your own battery actually poses a risk of damaging other components. Replacing an iPhone battery involves a lot of tools that you probably don’t have in your home, and you might have to use unapproved alternatives instead.

Even if you did have the right tools, do you know how to use them the right way? If not, you could easily end up messing with exposed wires, interrupting some phone features like audio components or the camera. We get failed DIY battery replacement attempts a lot, including the owner, who couldn’t put the phone back together, the phone didn’t turn back on, etc. This can usually be avoided and it is just going to cost you more money to fix it.

A cheap way out can easily turn into a more expensive fix.

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Work With The Experts

For all the reasons we mentioned above, it is very important to work with a qualified phone repair professional. At Hot Tech Repair we have the experience needed to fix battery and charger issues for every model of smartphone. You can check out our pricing for your specific model here. We will recommend the right action to take and carry it out for you. This will avoid the risk of voiding your warranty or damaging other components. Plus, you will get a battery upgrade! Call us now today.