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Tips From A Phone Repair Store If Your Phone Is Stolen

If your phone ever gets stolen, you could feel helpless and frantic.
The sinking feeling that comes with realizing you’ve misplaced your phone, or worse, that someone has stolen it, is something most of us are familiar with. The information stored on mobile devices is extremely valuable to thieves. Theft can be devastating because they contain so much personal information with actual and sentimental worth.

Your mind will undoubtedly start racing the second you realize you no longer have access to your gadget. I can’t seem to find it. What are the chances of me getting it back? Is it possible for a thief to view the data stored on it, such as photos, movies, messages, and your own personal information?

Unfortunately, recovering a stolen phone is highly unlikely. But if you act quickly and wisely before and after your phone is taken, you can improve your odds of getting it back and reduce the damage. This can be done by getting a phone repair services from shop near your area.

Here are some tips by an expert phone repair store on what to do if your phone is stolen and how to keep your new or old phone secure are covered in this post.

Steps To Take When Your Phone Is Stolen

Find out what to do if you lose your phone, and try not to panic. Some of these measures will depend on your preparation if you misplace or steal your phone (more details later).

  • Double-Check To Ensure That It’s Indeed Lost

First, try calling it to see if you can hear it ringing or vibrating. The second-best scenario is that someone picks it up and starts talking. For instance, if you left it at a café and a kind person found it, you can make arrangements to receive it from them.

When you call, no one picks up. A phone-finding app like Apple Find My iPhone, Google Find My Device, or Samsung Find My Mobile can be useful. If your device is closed, the finder software from T-Mobile, Lookout Mobile, even allows you to sound an alarm.

You can also have a professional cell phone repair store set up for you.

  • File A Police Report

Report your phone stolen if you think it has been swiped. Although law enforcement does not have the resources to investigate every case of a stolen phone, if you can tell them where your phone is (through a finder app), they will be more likely to assist you in recovering it. Consider that it may take some time because your case will not likely be a top priority.

Filing a police report can be useful even if you don’t get your phone back. For instance, in some nations, a nationwide blacklist is created for reported stolen or lost gadgets. This means that they are incompatible with every network in the country.

  • Remotely Locking And Erasing Your Phone

When you realize someone else has your phone, the first thing you should do is lock it down so that the other person can’t access your data. It’s possible to accomplish this via remote locking of your phone.


When you enable Find My iPhone on an iOS device, the Activation Lock is automatically enabled (which needs to have been enabled before the device was stolen). This prevents anyone from signing in without your Apple user ID and password.


The Find My Device app on Android allows you to remotely lock your device (which needs to have been turned on before the device was stolen). Select SECURE DEVICE after using your Gmail login information to access google(.)com/android/find in a web browser.

After that, you’ll be asked to choose a new lock screen password. You can remotely delete your device from the same interface or have a professional phone repair store do it for you if deemed necessary.

  • Change Your Passwords

You still need to make sure that no one can use your phone for anything while it is in their possession, even if there is a chance you might get it back. Specialized software can bypass your phone’s security features, such as a PIN, password, or pattern. The thief may have had access to your phone for a short time, even if you could lock or delete it remotely.

Because of this, it’s wise to change the passwords for all the accounts linked to your phone, especially if you’ve autosaved any of them (even though this isn’t a good practice in general). Changing your app store password is essential to preventing unauthorized software and in-app purchases. You should also immediately change the password to your password manager if you use one.

Also, you should change your passwords for your email and social media accounts. You’ll need access to your email if you want to change your password or use two-factor authentication with other accounts.

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  • Call Your Bank

Regarding your credit card, you should notify your bank that your phone has been taken and inquire whether there has been any recent activity on your card (which may not show up on online banking immediately). They may even suggest you get a new credit card and cancel the old one as a precaution.

You should check your bank statements for any signs of fraud in the days and weeks after your phone gets stolen. Investigate your credit cards, social media accounts, and any other places where your phone could be used to see if there has been any suspicious activity.


The revelation that your phone is missing may seem like a minor annoyance at first, but it could have dire consequences. The truth is that a lost or stolen phone can result in serious consequences, such as fraud or even kidnapping.

If your phone has been stolen, you should take whatever precautions are necessary to recover it. To begin, though, you should concentrate on keeping your identity safe. Check your online and banking accounts for suspicious activity, and lock and erase your phone from a distance.

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