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Having your battery drain quicker than ever or not being able to charge your device is a big problem. Let our team of experts inspect the charging port as well as your battery to get to the root of the problem. We will make sure your device is able to hold charge, or replace the battery so you can go back to using it without a problem.

Cell Phone Battery Problems?

When your cell phone’s battery drains quicker than before, many of your daily tasks can be interrupted. Since people rely so heavily on their phones for so much more than just phone calls, having a battery problem can be devastating.

Cell Phone Battery Replacement

If you have tried everything you can think of to conserve battery use and it is still not holding a charge, you might need to replace the battery. Our technicians at Hot Tech Repair can take a look at your phone, diagnose the issue, and estimate the time of repair and cost. 

Having the battery die on your cell phone is something everyone fears. After all, all of our fun and work is on our phones. The worst is when the battery just won’t come back to life. 

The average phone’s battery can last up to 3 years, however, the fully functioning life of a battery starts to wear out after 12 months. Whenever it is time for a new battery, and you need it fast and expertly installed, you need Hot Tech Repair.

Is Your Cell Phone Battery Draining?

You use your phone all the time, and as it gets older you will notice the battery draining faster.  This might result in other problems such as trouble connecting to the internet, slow app loading, etc. At this point, a lot of people feel like they need to get a new phone, but this can be expensive.

However, more people are replacing their phone’s batteries. However, smartphone models keep changing and it can be harder to get to the battery without damaging the screen, the case, and the inside of the phone.

This is why you need to leave it to the pros at Hot Tech Repair. Our team of experienced technicians will replace your phone’s battery properly without damaging your phone.

Buying a New Phone VS Replacing The Battery

Do you have the habit of replacing your phone every other year? Actually, phones can last way longer than just a couple of years. Just like a car, they might just need a couple of parts replaced every now and then. The best repair you can have done on your phone to make it last longer is replacing the battery. However, most batteries can’t be replaced by the user. So, how do you do this?

Unfortunately, it is very rare for batteries to be replaced by the user, and most manufacturers won’t really let you know that you can replace your battery after all. However, just because the battery is locked in your phone, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a new one and make your phone last longer.

When Is It Time for Battery Replacement?

Generally, if you’re phone is a couple of years old it’s a good time to think about battery replacement. 

If you have an iPhone, you can go to Settings>Battery>Battery Health to look for the Maximum Capacity value that will tell you what percentage of your battery’s charge capacity is left. This percentage doesn’t mean how full your battery is at this moment, but how much charge it can hold right now compared to when it was new. If this percentage is down to 80 percent it is time to get a new battery.

If you have an Android phone, this can be a little bit more complicated. There are various models and they don’t work the same way. Instead, there is an app you can use called AccuBattery to get the stats on your battery’s health.

This app does not provide an official report, but rather an estimate. However, if it’s below 80 percent of battery charge capacity, it might be a good idea to consider a replacement battery.

If you have more questions about our battery replacement services call Hot Tech Repair now!

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