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Phone, Tablet or Laptop constantly shutting down or restarting? Let Hot Tech Repair do a free diagnostic to determine the problem. If your device can be fixed ― we can do it!

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No one likes a phone that doesn’t work. When your whole life (more or less) is on your device, you need it to always work perfectly. Unfortunately, crashes, bugs, and other issues can’t be avoided, especially as your device gets older.

Sometimes your phone may have an issue that you can’t pinpoint. It can be really frustrating as you go through the apps and programs without any luck to figure out why your phone or device is not responding, freezing, or not even restarting.

Hot Tech Repair is an expert at diagnosing the problem with your device and completely resetting it through a factory reset, soft reset, or hard reset, depending on the issue. This will allow your device to return to its original state.

Factory Reset or Hard Reset

A factory reset will remove all user data from any device and revert it back to the default settings, or more accurately, return it to the way it was when you first bought your device. 

Any data such as apps, contacts, photos, and anything else saved in the device will be erased. It won’t remove any of the device’s operating systems, but it will go to the original set of settings and apps. It is important to note that this will not harm your device, even if you do it multiple times.

Soft Reset

A soft reset is just a simple restart of the device, such as an iPhone, Android phone, laptop, iPad, tablet, etc. This action will close every application and will clear any data in RAM (the random access memory).

Why Would You Want To Reset Your Device?

There are a number of reasons why resetting your device can be the way to go, including:

  • To sell it. The most popular reason why someone would want to reset their devices is to sell them to someone else. If this is the case, you wouldn’t want any of your personal information to remain on the device.
  • Your device is constantly freezing. A reset will restore the configurations and settings to the default one and remove any files that you’re having difficulty getting rid of.
  • Data-related issues. If you’re having other issues with your device and the problem is data-related, resetting it is the solution. If you can’t pinpoint the problem, Hot Tech Repair will do it for you and reset the device for you.
  • Improving performance. Resetting your device can improve its performance. If you have noticed your device becoming slow, freezing, or just not performing like it used to, a reset would be optimal. Resetting is always the last resort when it comes to this kind of issue.

Repair Your Device


We know your iPhone is
important to you. That's why we offer services to fix just about any problem you may have.


Shattered screen? No problem. Bring it in and we will replace it for you for the lowest price!


Cracked your Samsung Galaxy screen? Yes, we are one of the few places that will replace your screen. Glass Replacement Available on most models

Black Samsung phone with cracked screen against a transparent background.
Misc. Models

Phone Unlocks! Check out our prices under Repair Costs!


Some Feedback From Our Happy Clients.

Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez
a month ago
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This is by far the best repair place. I called around to different places to get my Galaxy Tablet charging port replaced and this place gave me the best price and he got it done the same day! Other places said that it would be three to seven days and charge more then $100. Customer service is AMAZING and they are GREAT communicating with you! Definitely would recommend this place over any other repair place.
Janet Camprini
Janet Camprini
4 months ago
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I took in my Samsung phone because it wouldn't charge. Roman was friendly and knowledgeable. He fixed it in a few minutes. I was so relieved that I didn't have to leave my phone. I did not shop around, but other reviews say that they are reasonably priced. I recommend this place for cell phone repair.
Alex Chmil
Alex Chmil
year ago
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These guys are awesome!! I brought in my iPhone 10s and they were able to repair my shattered screen. They quoted a quick and reasonable price. I was able to drop off my phone and picked it up shortly after. Dariy and Roman are great honest guys!
Yung4Life !
Yung4Life !
2 months ago
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I have never had my phone fixed or repaired, my led lights, screen and speakers were all messed up, I returned in 30 mintuted and received a legit brand new phone, I can’t explain how exited I got mannn, I 100% recommended for you guys to try it out, 5 stars!!
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