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Water Damage

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Repairing Phone Water Damage

Dropped Water on Your Phone or Device? We Can Fix It! Forget about soaking your phone in a bag of rice. We are your water damage experts. We will inspect the degree of water damage on your phone, dry the electronics and replace any damaged parts to get it up and running again. The best thing you can do is come straight to Hot Tech Repair. We’ve been in the business for over 10 years, and our professionals are here to repair your device in no time.

Black Apple iPhone being dropped in a body of water.

Can My Phone Be Fixed for Water Damage?

Maybe you dropped your phone in the toilet, or perhaps you got caught in the rain and your phone got soaked. Maybe you simply knocked a glass of water over your phone. It doesn’t mater what the case is, your phone is now soaked.

Even when most cell phones today have some sort of waterproofing, water can still damage your phone significantly. And, after you dry your phone, you may see that some things are not working properly. Can your phone be saved? Or do you have to spend hundreds on a new phone? Well, the good news is yes. Water damage repair is possible. And yes, Hot Tech Repair can fix any kind of water damage that happened to your phone.

It depends on the severity of the water damage on your phone, but it may be possible for you to fix the problem at home. Here’s what to do and what not to do.

What To Do

Get your phone away from the source of water immediately. The longer your phone is submerged, the harder it is to fix it. If your phone is still on, turn it off right away. An electrical charge can damage circuitry, so the faster you can turn it off, the better. Take the case off, if there is one. If you keep the case on it could trap the water in the phone. Dry your phone with a lint-free cloth as best as you can. Dry the SIM slot, the charger, your camera lens, and the headphone jack.

Place your phone in a sealed poorly, and let it air out completely for 24 hours at least. You can also place a paper towel in there to absorb any moisture.

What Not To Do
  • Don’t put your phone in a bag of rice. This could actually cause more damage.
  • Don’t blow-dry your phone or put in the oven. The heat can fry the electronics inside your phone instead of dry it out.
  • Do not start pressing all the buttons in your phone to check if everything still works. That can also damage your phone.
  • And, don’t turn the phone on again for at least 24 hours. Actually, the longer you can go with the phone off, the better.

Why You Should Leave It To The Experts

Only an expert can identify exactly what components are damaged by water. This is why it’s important to know how liquid can damage a cell phone. There are three things it can do:

  1. Damage of the non-motherboard components. This includes the screen, the battery, the charging port, etc. These are pretty easy to replace and usually not a problem if you are able to identify which component is damaged.
  2. Damage to the motherboard components. Some of these can get shorted out and damaged, and can’t be repaired. This will turn your phone into a paperweight.
  3. Shortage with other wiring. Some of the motherboard wirings can corrode and create a shortage with the other wires. This can often be fixed, but only in the short term.


Fix Your Water Damaged Phone

Let’s say you followed the steps mentioned above. But, when you start using your phone again, you see that it’s not working as well as it used to. Maybe the water damage was worse than you thought!

If this is happening, it’s for the experts to step in. Hot Tech Repair has been fixing phones with water damage for years. Our team of experts have the experience and knowledge needed to bring your phone back to life. Before you even think about getting a new phone, bring it down to Hot Tech Repair now! We’ll be happy to help you.

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