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Phone Diagnostics Services In Sacramento

Is your device not running how it should? It may be in need of repair, software installed, or just maintenance. Our diagnostics team can help determine what exactly the problem with your phone is. We will do a free and thorough check of your device to make sure is using all its capabilities to complete your day to day tasks.

Phone Diagnostics Sacramento

Leave It To The Pros

Whenever there is an issue with your phone, do you try diagnosing it yourself? Did you go online to look for answers, only to find contradictory solutions from “experts”? Sometimes you want to do it yourself, but it’s not a good idea when there are highly sensitive and expensive electronic devices at risk. Finding a reliable cell phone repair expert is truly hard. But, don’t worry, Hot Tech Repair is here!

We are hands-on experts with many years of experience with all sorts of electronic device repair. We hire only the most hard-working, skilled, and honest technicians. Their years of experience has given them the skills to diagnose problems quickly, no matter how complicated they are.

We have seen it all, batteries that won’t hold charge, bad charging ports, broken screens, broken audio ports, overheating, water damage, and more. We’ve heard it all!
Rest assured we will diagnose your device and get to the bottom of the issue quickly. We will give you a low and honest price, guaranteed.

iPhone and Android Diagnostics

Our most qualified technicians are ready to work on your phone right away. They will be able to diagnose iPhone repairs, iPhone battery issues, as well as Android screen repairs, Android audio problems, and every other issue you can think of. We will identify the problem first. Then we will run some diagnostics to determine what steps need to be taken to fix the problem properly. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, our years of experience guarantee that we will find the problem every time.

What We Check:

  • Running Performance and RAM
  • Camera Quality
  • Charging Health
  • Data Speed Test
  • Audio Check
  • Battery Life
  • Memory
  • Signal Strength
  • Adware / Malware
  • Mobile Data and WiFi Connectivity

Free Diagnostics

At Hot Tech Repair, diagnostics are free. We will only charge you for the repairs done to your phone, not for finding out what the issue is. Maybe your issue can be resolved by restarting the phone or adjusting some settings. Since those are not repairs, at Hot Tech Repair we believe that it wouldn’t be fair for us to charge you for them.

The first part of your visit will be diagnostics unless the issue with your phone is visible like a cracked screen. For example, if your phone has fallen into a swimming pool but you rescued it immediately, we will perform some diagnostics to know the extent of water damage. This will be an easy task for iPhones since they have water damage indicators. If your phone doesn’t have a water damage indicator, we will try other diagnostics to see which functions will work.

If your phone has a keyboard and not a touch screen, we will use our tools to determine if the keyboard’s malfunction is because of a problem with the keys or if it’s a software problem. Or, if necessary, we can replace the keys. If there is a software issue, our tools will let us know what needs to be repaired.

Our diagnostic tests are quick and efficient. We have been in this business for years and have experienced how technology has improved. However, our technicians still remember how to fix common problems that plague older phone models. Our diagnostic tests are always free. We will give you a fair price for any repairs we do.

Repair Your Device


We know your iPhone is
important to you. That's why we offer services to fix just about any problem you may have.


Shattered screen? No problem. Bring it in and we will replace it for you for the lowest price!


Cracked your Samsung Galaxy screen? Yes, we are one of the few places that will replace your screen. Glass Replacement Available on most models

Black Samsung phone with cracked screen against a transparent background.
Misc. Models

Phone Unlocks! Check out our prices under Repair Costs!

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Some Feedback From Our Happy Clients.

Sarah Perez
Sarah Perez
a month ago
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This is by far the best repair place. I called around to different places to get my Galaxy Tablet charging port replaced and this place gave me the best price and he got it done the same day! Other places said that it would be three to seven days and charge more then $100. Customer service is AMAZING and they are GREAT communicating with you! Definitely would recommend this place over any other repair place.
Janet Camprini
Janet Camprini
4 months ago
Read More
I took in my Samsung phone because it wouldn't charge. Roman was friendly and knowledgeable. He fixed it in a few minutes. I was so relieved that I didn't have to leave my phone. I did not shop around, but other reviews say that they are reasonably priced. I recommend this place for cell phone repair.
Alex Chmil
Alex Chmil
year ago
Read More
These guys are awesome!! I brought in my iPhone 10s and they were able to repair my shattered screen. They quoted a quick and reasonable price. I was able to drop off my phone and picked it up shortly after. Dariy and Roman are great honest guys!
Yung4Life !
Yung4Life !
2 months ago
Read More
I have never had my phone fixed or repaired, my led lights, screen and speakers were all messed up, I returned in 30 mintuted and received a legit brand new phone, I can’t explain how exited I got mannn, I 100% recommended for you guys to try it out, 5 stars!!
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