Should I Repair My Screen Or Buy A New Phone?

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If you’re like the majority of people these days, you have probably had to deal with a broken screen over the years. Almost everybody can agree that using a phone with a broken screen can be a hassle. What’s more important is deciding between buying a new phone or investing in screen repair. This is a big decision.

Asking friends and family and even a smartphone technician can lead to very conflicting and different answers, and this only makes it worse. We know that figuring out the best way to handle a broken phone can be confusing. However, we have a couple of key points that can help you make this a smoother process for you.

When Should I Replace My Phone?

Often, choosing to replace your phone with a new one will be the most expensive option. Having said that, there are a few situations where replacing your phone may be the right choice. If your phone is a few years old, it may not be as expensive anymore as screen repair. If this is your case, you may want to think about selling it as it is and buying a new phone. Also, if you need a phone that fully works immediately, then you may not have another choice but to buy an updated phone. 

If your current situation doesn’t fall into any of these cases, then replacing the screen on your phone is the right move.

Phone Screen Repairs: The Right Choice?

If your broken phone only requires a quick screen replacement, it can easily go back to its former glory. Choosing a screen repair service is almost always the best choice since it saves both time and money for the customers.

In most cases, a screen repair that is affordable can extend your phone’s life by many months ( in some cases, even years). Repairing a phone instead of replacing it means that you can enjoy your current phone while new tech is developed and released.

For example, if a phone screen repair extends your phone’s life by 6 to 9 months, newer phones with newer features will be available when it’s time for you to upgrade. This definitely is a win-win situation for you. You will get more use out of your old device and get access to newer and better features when you finally decide to upgrade.

Buying Vs. Fixing

At the end of the day, it is your call to whether buy a new phone or repair a cracked screen. Unfortunately, there is no right answer, but in most cases, it definitely makes more sense to repair your current phone as it will work out cheaper.

When you make a decision, keep in mind the cost and time of repair services, as well as the current value of your broken phone. These details can help you figure out what the right decision is. In most situations, screen repair makes for the best choice, and at Hot Tech Repair we suggest it to everyone debating this decision.

6 Reasons To Consider Smartphone Screen Repair

#1 ‍Repairing Saves Money‍

Buying a new phone is usually very expensive. While your current phone does not have the latest processor or the camera has fewer megapixels and maybe it takes longer to launch an app, it still works! Repairing it may be the easiest option that gives you the time to buy a newer better phone later on.

#2 ‍Environmental Reasons

According to CNN reports, we use more than we need and more that we can sustain. Americans throw away about 350,000 cell phones every day. Smartphone manufacturers never disclose how much CO2 they create just so you can have your new phone. Their business needs to make a profit, so they rely on us buying new phones.

#3 Coltan Shortage

If you don’t know what Coltan is, it is an essential substance that is used to produce smartphones. Unfortunately, it is very scarce. It contains niobium and tantalum (mineral ores) that are very hard to find.

#4 Use The Warranty

Most phone manufacturers give you a warranty on your smartphone. It’s worth seeing if you’re still covered. If your warranty is still valid, in most cases, you can get it repaired at no cost.

#5 Helping Repair Shops

Whenever you send in your device for repairs, you’re supporting local repair shops. Most people don’t really think about this, but it is true. Your local neighborhood repair shop needs you to help them out.

#6 Getting Maximum Value

Think about how much you paid for your phone. If you break it, you should get it fixed to get the most value from it.

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 Repairing Your Broken Screen in Sacramento

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